Will reveal the secret to Trump and Russians, 65% of people seeking public prosecutor on the case

About two-thirds of Americans support the idea of appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the contacts between the people of the election headquarters of President Donald Trump with Russia and its officials, shows the latest research on CNN, CNN.


Additional 55 percent of American voters said they were worried by the findings about links “Trump people” during the campaign had with representatives of Russian intelligence.

This research showed that only 32 percent of respondents believe that the investigation should be left to Congress.

Such sentiment among the public about this critical issue in the first five weeks in office, the new president, did not change the ratings of Trump.

Only 45 percent of Americans support the policies of the new president, with 71 percent of voters of Democrats said they were “very concerned” about the situation in the country, while 54 percent of Republican voters still believe that Trump “good things.”

Research on CNN, CNN revealed that 43 percent of Republicans agree with the appointment of a special prosecutor for “Russian ties” in the elections last year.

Russian interference in the electoral process continues to polarize voters from both major parties – 52 percent of US Democrats confident that Russia interfered, while 27 percent of Republicans believe the Russian behavior during the election “was not fair.”

Both, however, to see Russia as a threat, much more than last summer, when first it was known Russian hacking Headquarters Democrats.

The study, CNN, CNN makes traditionally the first 100 days of the new president, this time coincides with increasing pressure to finally clear up the “Russian connection” in the election headquarters of Trump.

Over the weekend even some Republican senators qualify the situation as “Rashagejt” connecting with “Watergate” by over 40 year and under President Richard Nixon, which led to his resignation.


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