White House Staff Discovers A Sick Obama Secret

President Trump’s staff is as yet buckling down on the troublesome assignment of sinking into their new workplaces. The West Wing, which looks little and simple to explore on television, is really a colossal multiplex of workplaces and gathering rooms. While setting up the Workplace of Online networking Operations on the second floor, Twitter chief Jeff ran over a startling disclosure.

A bolted office that has been followed back to Barack Obama himself was loaded with agnostic images, incense, and a little wardrobe that housed Egyptian cotton head covers and Muslim supplication floor coverings. It appears that before they exited, the Muslim Fellowship and their brave pioneer, whose possess code must be approved to enter, neglected to get out their mystery reserve of radical Islam.

The Trump group is currently investigating whether any psychological militant exercises were arranged and executed from inside the dividers of the very house Americans they target worked for their leader. Simply the presence of the room is an infringement of official code 42, denying the act of religious convictions considered hurtful to the Unified States inside an administration building.

Obama was not accessible for input, as he was at the end of the day on a citizen financed get-away with his $4 million annuities hitting the fairway in Monaco. An announcement from the White House Office of Data and Purposeful publicity says that if there is even a shred of proof of psychological militant action that Barack Obama will confront charges of high treachery, deserving of death.

As a precautionary measure, Trump had his identification and conciliatory insusceptibility repudiated to shield him from intersection any more outskirts. He must choose between limited options now, however, to either fly home specifically from Monaco or flee with the carnival.



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