Trump Was Supposed to be Sexist, Watch this…

liberals are speechless over Trump’s most recent discourse about ladies. They trust that Trump must be sexist, so what do they do when he demonstrates he isn’t?

“To genuinely prevail as a nation, we should understand the maximum capacity of ladies in our economy. That is the reason I was excited to have the White House’s Women Business Leaders Roundtable. Extremely energizing. Awesome ladies,” said President Trump.

“As president, I am focused on guaranteeing that ladies business people have a level of access to the capital markets and systems of bolster that they require — and I mean truly require. What’s more, it will happen. This is a need for my organization. I crusaded on helping ladies in the workforce and we will convey on that guarantee, trust me,” said Trump.

“Actually, as a major aspect of my first authority meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, this week we reported the making of the Joint United States-Canada Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders. Really, exceptionally energizing,” said Trump.

So did the liberal media have any complaints to this? They reacted by saying nothing of it. They are not really writing about it by any stretch of the imagination. The second that Trump says something they don’t care for they will hop all over him to demonstrate he is a sexist. In any case, when he makes a move to help ladies they are totally noiseless. Look at Trump’s discourse beneath.

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