Trump Tells Planned Parenthood They Can Keep Their Funding Under One Condition, They Are Pissed

President Trump just gave the abortion goliath Planned Parenthood some ghastly news. In the event that they need to keep accepting Government financing, they should totally quit giving abortions.

“As I said all through the crusade, I am professional life and I am profoundly dedicated to putting resources into ladies’ wellbeing and plan to essentially build government subsidizing in support of non-abortion administrations, for example, disease screenings,” began President Trump.

“Surveying demonstrates the greater part of Americans contradict open subsidizing for abortion, even the individuals who recognize as genius decision. There is an open door for associations to proceed with the imperative work they do in support of ladies’ wellbeing, while not giving abortion administrations,” said Trump.

This appears to be impeccably sensible yet Sunrise Laguens, official VP of Planned Parenthood League of America (PPFA), denied Trump’s proposition. “Let’s get straight to the point, government subsidizes as of now don’t pay for abortions. Offering cash to Planned Parenthood to desert our patients and our qualities is not an arrangement that we will ever acknowledge. Giving basic social insurance administrations to a huge number of American ladies is nonnegotiable,” she said.

The leader of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards battled back harder asserting that the association is “glad to give abortions.””Planned Parenthood is pleased to give abortion—a fundamental administration that is as indispensable to our main goal as anti-conception medication or growth screenings. We won’t down despite dangers or terrorizing, or play Judas on the patients who depend on us. Not today, tomorrow, not ever. We think ensuring the capacity of ladies to decide our own particular fates is not just a Planned Parenthood esteem – it’s an American esteem,” composed Richards on twitter.

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