Traitor McCain Just Told The Biggest Lie In The History Of The United States, It Is So Sickening

“Republican” Representative John McCain plainly does not know when it is suitable to close his mouth. It is dismal to see such a lion of the Senate quickly lessen with cutting edge age, however in the event that there ever was a decent contention for age confinements or term limits for the Senate, McCain is giving a solid case at this moment.

McCain has, obviously, been around sufficiently long to witness many significant occasions in American history, from World War II ahead. He served in the Vietnam War and, obviously, was alive for the staggering assaults by Osama container Loaded on the Twin Towers on September eleventh, 2001. That is the thing that makes his current remarks all the all the more stunning.

McCain was as of late met with New York magazine, and he really had the irritate to reveal to New York occupants that the Al Qaeda assault on Manhattan was not the greatest fear monger assault on American soil in our nation’s history.

Toeing the Vote based gathering’s fake news line, McCain really affirmed that the supposed Russian hacking outrage was a more critical psychological militant assault than 9/11. Said McCain, “The seriousness of this issue, the gravity of it, is so noteworthy in light of the fact that in the event that you prevail with regards to defining a decision, then you’ve decimated the establishment of majority rules system. So I see it with the most extreme earnestness.”

He included, “I see it more truly than a physical assault. I see it more genuinely than Orlando, or San Bernardino. As awful as that seemed to be, the extensive results of a decision hack are absolutely far in abundance of a solitary fear monger assault.” Do you think McCain is wiped out for saying this?

One thought on “Traitor McCain Just Told The Biggest Lie In The History Of The United States, It Is So Sickening

  • February 23, 2017 at 3:05 am

    SHAME ON YOU!! You and any other Republican that did not stand up for Trump prior to election and AGAIN now as POTUS!! You need to step down – I really hope you do not get re-elected, you are a traitor to your party and to your country! You have slapped American people in the face numerous time by not RESPECTING our President. Are you jealous? Just because you could not win don’t rain on Presidents Trumps terms!! Shame on you – you of all people should have been a MAN and stepped up to help our President – season him in what crooks are in that swamp us there! Instead you push a dagger in his back!! I am ashamed you are in the Republican Party!! Three weeks prior to the elections I switched from Democrat to Republican because I saw how crazy the democratic party was and how we would all be dictated by the Muslims if Hillary got in ! Thank God be dodged that bullet!!


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