Rush Has Terrifying News About What CIA Did, They’re In Huge Trouble, Holy Sh*t

Moderate talk radio legend is angry at previous President Barack Hussein Obama and his armed force of crazy liberal dissenters, Hollywood superstars and prevailing press mouthpieces who are running an endless crusade to attempt to dishonor Donald Trump’s administration.

Obama and his devotees were ceased dead in the tracks as of late when Trump uncovered that Obama had him wiretapped amid the presidential battle. Surge Limbaugh just took this disclosure to the following level by uncovering the startling thing the CIA did.

Said Surge as of late on his program, “In the WikiLeaks dump today of thousands of records from the CIA, do you know what is incorporated? A little program called Offense. What this program is, clearly the CIA can copy Russian programmers. At the end of the day, the CIA can hack anyone they need and make it resemble the Russians are doing it.”

He proceeded, “Isn’t that fascinating, given all that we’ve been told about the decision? ‘The Russians hacked the decision, that the Russians did this, the Russians did that.’ So far we don’t have any confirmation the Russians did anything! Yet, we have a wide range of supposition that the American profound state is profoundly required in whatever damage is being directed on the Trump organization.”

Expressed Surge, “The proof the Russians were included? No one has it. Everyone circles and discusses it just as it’s a fait accompli, however there isn’t any proof,” and included, “so I consider in light of the fact that everything that we’re learning here, the risk that Donald Trump has confronted as far back as he won the decision is more noteworthy than we’ve at any point known. The foundation of this nation — whatever you need to call it, the decision class — is frantic. We’re living in times they never thought conceivable or didn’t consider likely, and that is some individual from outside their gathering being president, being VP, being secretary of state, being secretary of trade, being lawyer general. This sort of thing, this is such a strike, and it has them in a condition of frenzy.” Do you think Surge is correct?

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