“Ready To Roll”, Obama Revealed Scary Thing He’s Going To Do To Us, He’s Only Getting Started [Details]

It is exasperating how Barack Hussein Obama can’t appear to understand the way that he is no longer our country’s Leader. He most likely wished to in any case hold influence over our nation’s arrangements from in the background while Hillary filled in as President, yet, gratefully, things didn’t turn out that route for him.

Rather than making the most of his retirement far from Washington D.C. like George W. Shrub did and giving the present President a chance to carry out his occupation in peace and without bother, Obama has chosen to stay in a bad position. He and his partners at long last uncovered what damaging act Obama has arranged.

As per reports, Obama arrangements to lead a hard and fast ambush on our nation’s majority rules system through what he calls “redistricting” yet what is usually known as “gerrymandering.” Basically, Obama and the Democrats plan to redraw congressional areas over our nation with the goal that they can fix races later on in an edgy endeavor to assume control Congress from the Republicans.

Obama and his disrespected previous U.S. Lawyer General Eric Holder have declared that they will lead an association that they have named the National Majority to rule Redistricting Board of trustees. Said Eric in regards to his companion Barack, “It’s coming. He’s coming. Also, he’s good to go.”

Clarified previous Fair Michigan congressman Check Schauer, who is being paid to help Obama’s association, “We’re building up a complete, bound together arrangement that speaks to strategically the way we increment Law based power in the following redistricting that is state-particular… (W)I’ll talk with one voice under the sponsorship of the NDRC to huge givers around the nation, directing them toward ideal approaches to affect redistricting.” Will you prevent Obama from escaping with this?

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