Fake Republican John Kasich Just Made Move To Hurt Trump

As President Trump frequently calls attention to and any genuine Traditionalist can let you know, the media is, extremely one-sided liberal. They will push out gossipy tidbits as actualities, and continually report off base things and lies about President Trump. While President Trump calls them Fake News and faces them, Fake Republican John Kasich will do anything he can to kiss their butts.

“What I have said to the press in Ohio and around the nation and here in Munich is express gratitude toward God you’re there. You’re there that need to — to consider individuals responsible,” said Kasich of CNN.

“Also, without a free press — well, will have a free press. And keeping in mind that I don’t generally concur with the revealing of the press, they are crucial. They are truly such a vital piece of majority rules system,” said Kasich.

“What’s more, when I met only as of late with the press the whole way across the condition of Ohio, some that are extremely reproachful of me, when I strolled into the room, they acclaimed me. What’s more, I got on the stage and I stated, I extol you for taking after the truths and announcing a story even now and again when it is difficult,” said Kasich.

“I have incredible regard for the press. I was once in the press. The key, however, is not to be oversensationalizing everything, but rather get to the truths. Release the examination of the press where it needs. Recount the story. That is a piece of America. What’s more, it’s a piece of a foundation that attempts to ensure that things have adjusted,” said Kasich. Who does he believe he’s tricking? Look at the video beneath.


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