CNN Idiot Got His Ass Handed To Him By Trump, MUST WATCH!

Disturbed CNN Jim Acosta doesn’t know when to stop with regards to President Donald Trump. Rather than attempting to cover Trump decently, the journalist for the famously one-sided fake news organizes CNN was busy again at Trump’s last public interview.

Gratefully, Trump dealt with Acosta far superior than Sean Spicer ever could have, and totally close him down to his face, saying, “You take a gander at your demonstrate that goes ahead at 10 at night. The board is quite often only hostile to Trump. The uplifting news is he doesn’t have great evaluations… Yet the scorn and venom originating from his mouth. I watch it, I see it, I am astonished by it.”

Proceeded with the President, “They’ll take this news gathering—I’m really having a decent time—however, they’ll take this news meeting… That is the way I won, I won with news meetings and talks. I positively didn’t win with you individuals—that is without a doubt.”

He finished up, “However I am enjoying myself. Tomorrow you will state: Donald Trump rages and raves… However, I’m not raving and raving. I cherish this. I’m enjoying myself. Be that as it may, tomorrow, the features will be: Donald Trump rages and raves.”

As though that wasn’t mortifying and vocation decimating enough for Acosta, Jim Have destroyed him on Friday by saying, “surprisingly, this is the person who begun a contention with Trump two or three weeks back and now he needs Trump to approach him? He resembles some stalker from a broken relationship that can’t get over you.” Do you concur that Jim Acosta resembles a stalker? Watch beneath:

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