Breaking: Obama’s Russia Scandal Just Escalated, He’s Finished [Details]

Former President Barack Obama can’t seem to give up his desire to run our country (and by extension the world) even though he has already gotten evicted from the White House. However, he doesn’t appear to respect the democratic process or want to honor it.

Insiders have noticed how Obama has set up his own “shadow government” in Washington, D.C., operating out of a mansion he bought just a few feet away from one of the largest mosques in the western hemisphere. From this base, he has been launching sickening attacks against Donald Trump.

One of the most insidious attacks Obama and his liberal allies have been orchestrating against outsider Donald Trump has been trying to discredit his Attorney General Jeff Sessions by saying that he met with the Russian ambassador while still a Senator.

The mainstream liberal media blew this story up big until it reached “scandal” level proportions. But that the media isn’t reporting is the fact that it was President Obama that arranged the meeting between Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak and Senator Sessions.

Explained Heritage Foundation scholar Hans von Spakovsky to Fox News about the meeting, “The conference was an educational program for ambassadors invited by the Obama State Department to observe the convention. The Obama State Department handled all of the coordination with ambassadors and their staff, of which there were about 100 at the conference. And it’s hardly an occasion—much less a venue—in which a conspiracy to ‘interfere’ with the November election could be hatched. There is no reason for Attorney General Sessions to resign.” Do you think Obama set sessions up? Or is the media just creating a scandal out of a normal event?


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