BREAKING: Controversial Letter From Obama To Putin Uncovered

White House staff members have revealed proof that Obama was, truth be told, the wellspring of the hole with Russia, similarly as Trump has said. Found on a hard drive that should have been deleted, a letter from that point president Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin specifically involves the trickster for conspiracy.

The letter, dated soon after the primaries, peruses:


Data ON RNC NOT WHAT WE Anticipated. WILL HAVE WHAT YOU Require ON DJT Much sooner than NOV. Eighth. YOU Ensure HE DOESN’T WIN AND WE’LL KEEP THE Information Streaming.



It shows up the Democrats were correct. There was a Russian connivance to control the decision. They simply had the players off-base. This letter, which was affirmed to be real by the NSA, recounts a story that closures with Donald Trump winning the race by considerably more unimaginable chances than we suspected.

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