BREAKING: Congressman Gutierrez Handcuffed At ICE Office – Do You LOVE It?


Rep. Gutierrez was handcuffed at an ICE office in Chicago today because he refused to leave. He felt he didn’t get the answers he needed, so he risked arrest to get them.

Gutierrez, a staunch advocate of immigration reform, was at a meeting between ICE officials and immigration lawyers, activists, community leaders and other elected officials, NBC Chicago reported.

“They were asking about specific cases and about the general conduct of ICE and deportations,” said Gutierrez’s director of communications, Doug Rivlin.

Gutierrez refused to leave the office after the meeting and was briefly handcuffed.

“The congressman has decided that he did not get the answers he was looking for from the ICE regional director and he’s going to be staying inside until he gets answers, even if that means risking arrest,” said Rivlin, according to NBC.

In a tweet after his release, Gutierrez said he did not know if he was going to be formally arrested over the incident.
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This Congressman must’ve been just a peach to deal with.

ICE officers must just loooooove this guy.

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